Thursday, December 23, 2021


Copper's mom sent me this last week I to expand the view and look at his face closely.  He was talking back to her about something.  You can see it when you look at his mouth.  He is a funny boy.  She had to get a new fridge last Friday and after the guys left, he barked and growled at it.  And for two or three days continued to go bark and growl at it when he heard the ice maker.  

Notice his ears...they tend to say 'Go that way!'


These are a couple of my favorite ornaments.   I have to put up a Christmas tree till I can use them.  LOL


I have been dealing with a touch of what I assume is vertigo.  It happens most when I roll over in bed, or first set up.  It did happen once when I tipped my head back to put in eyedrops.  It never lasts long.  So though I call it vertigo, not sure that that is what it is. It is not like when you get dizzy.  And last night it hit after I went to bed.  I was just laying there as still as could be when it started.  It did not last long.  But it sure is a funny feeling.... and my body feels like a dead weight when it hits.   
I have been trying to get this ready to post for about three days.  I am taking a break from some much needed dusting in this computer corner.  Where all kinds of paperwork sits.  I just do not know how much stuff I should keep up with.  Most people I know have never needed anything like insurance statements, and I have had to have them at least 3 times I can think of off hand.

I bet when we die the girls will have a big old bonfire and I don't blame them.  I wore out a shredder going through my mother-in-law's stuff and finally resorted to burning a lot of it.  But I do try to get rid of stuff....when I am sure I will no longer need it.  I have even managed to let go of a couple things in doing this.  On another day I will do more in-depth going through the papers again.

I know I am planning on going the paperless route on some things....
I need to go sew a couple lines on curtains Rachel and I are making.  Then will fold it up and put it away till after Christmas.  

If I don't post again, I hope you have a Merry Christmas....