Sunday, October 18, 2020

It's a boy!

 I would like for you to meet our new Grand Furbaby:

As of right now his name is Copper.  He is a rescue...

Daughter drove to Dayton, Ohio to meet the people to pick him up last night.

Guess what?  He likes to watch TV, too.  We drove over to meet him today.

She sent this after we had been gone about 45 minutes or so.    They were worn out.  

I am so glad she got him....he is an intelligent puppy.  Delta likes him and he likes her.  He does howl...she is going to crate him at night or when she is gone.  And she plans to come home at lunch for a while to check on him, take him out, give him food.


While dog sitting those two weeks, I got a lot of hexies ready to make 'flowers'....

And actually finished one yesterday.  It is somewhat of a struggle for me to see to hand stitch, but I do like to do it.

That is all for now...have a good week ahead.