Monday, June 11, 2007

This is one of my Asiatic lilies--I took about four pictures of it and one of a hosta bloom today and that is all I took. The lily just bloomed today--my others have been bloomed so long they look bedraggled almost. I need to add other flowers to my yard because after these I don't have anything else to bloom!

I had plumbing problems to take care of this morn...managed to do them myself. If it had been anything serious we would have had to call on friends. My husband is not supposed to lift over 10 lb. since his surgery, and nothing strenuous at all.

I watered our little garden this evening--the cucumbers looked like they would die if they did not get a drink. So I gave everything water. I will try to take new pictures of it till you will see what I mean when I say little. There are little tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. But I noticed one of the cucumbers is deformed...I am assuming it didn't get pollinated good! Don't know if that is the reason for cucumbers, but if apples don't get pollinated good, they either don't grow at all, or only one side will grow.

Around here there is concern because bee hives are disappearing and they don't know why. We have heard of the bee mites, but this is something different.

I only did a very little quilting today. If I could get to go down for a couple of hours, I could get a lot done. I am anxious to get this finished till I can start something new, or else work on another ufo!