Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A bit of this and that...and GOOD.

More salsa from another year...I sure would enjoy some of it right now!

You know sometimes life is a bit challenging.  Sometimes I am a big courage or backbone at all.  To say it has been a bit challenging for us is putting it lightly.

Roger was always able to make about anything or fix anything.  And though I was not Mrs. Fix-it, I could work and accomplish things.

Last year because of my accident, we paid to have the yard mowed.  In the previous years Roger had used the riding mower and I did certain parts of the yard with push mower.

It is not a big yard, so thought it would be good for me to mow it this year.  Or at least try to mow it.  I thought it would help get me back to walking normal because I would be concentrating on mowing rather than worrying about hurting my foot.  Well, we went out there the other day and the mower would not start.  It had always been easy to start.

Our neighbor saw us and came over and tried to pull start it and couldn't.  Today I looked at Amazon trying to decide on a new mower.  Even though I thought it was something simple with the old, it is just beyond Roger.  That is why I was thinking about a new one.  I set and looked at Amazon while we ate breakfast this morn, came home with the intentions of ordering a certain one.

But it has a bag, and it is self propelled....I have not used a self propelled in years and years and years, but I didn't enjoy it when younger and was afraid I wouldn't now.  And it had the bag, and we had one one time with a bag and didn't like.  So, got to looking more.  I spent a good two hours looking, reading reviews, etc and still could not make up my mind.  Just so indecisive I drive my crazy.  But it actually might have been a good thing this time.

This evening, I had given Roger his meds and we had set down for the night.   I thought I heard someone at the back door...went in there and it was our neighbor...he came to get the mower and is going to see if he can fix it.  And he is good at stuff like that so it will probably be fixed fairly soon.

Roger has his allergy shots tomorrow...Friday is a doctor's visit.  He has to go to get prescriptions renewed.  But also has nodules on his thyroid and we have to see our family doctor to see about getting them checked.  He had a CT scan a while back to check that the spot on his lung had not changed and they seen those nodules.

Plus they seen 'something' on his kidney...the previous year's scan did not go far down enough to see it.  So we don't know how long it has been there.  It may just be a cyst.  And the girl said that 99% of the time the nodules on the thyroid are nothing to worry about.

Monday I take him to have a CT scan without and with dye to check the kidney thing.