Saturday, April 9, 2011

A sure sign that spring has arrived....

We got up to thunderstorms this morn...they rolled around, left and then came back a time or two. Everything got a good fact, some places still have puddles of water even though the sun was out before noon.
You might think the sure sign of spring I was talking about is the thunderstorms, but in fact, I meant that the buzzards are back in full force. Roger worked around in his shop all morn, while I fooled in here...playing on the computer and making a meatloaf...about the time we got done with lunch a friend of mine stopped by. I ask her if she wanted a bite to eat, but she didn't care for anything. We took our Cokes and sat on the front porch in the shade and visited for a few minutes.
After she left, Roger and I decided to go for a drive. Any direction we looked, we saw buzzards circling. I do not know what about this area draws them, but there are just so many of them. Last year they were like this, and we went down south of Terre Haute at least a couple of different times, and hardly saw any. We both just could not believe the difference in the number.

Now, I saw a few along all winter on the way to Sarah's house...but it would be like one or two. And only that...oh, and speaking of Sarah's is a little video that she sent me of a new singing star. Enjoy!