Monday, February 1, 2021

Copper, and more...

 Copper had his operation(he was neutered) last week...he has to be kept quiet for a couple weeks.  It is kind of hard.  He is excited about the snow.  Add to that, someone across from daughter's back yard built a snowman and that ticked him off.  Which would be funny, but he constantly wants out to go bark at it.

Daughter had his DNA done...look what went into his breeding.

Look!  He is catching up to Delta in height.  I am not sure he will ever put on much weight.

I wish you could seen them....daughter will say something like, 'Delta, Copper, can I ask you a question?'  They run to her and look up at her espectently.  She will ask. 'Do you want a treat?' and they run to the cabinet their treats are kept in.  I don't know if she asks them other things or not.  But it sure is fun to watch.  


I have been managed to stitch some every day of January.  The goal was at least 15 minutes a day of either sewing, or messing in the sewing room.  Only a couple days were just 15 minutes...most were well over an hour, and most of it hand stitching.  I would get more done, but have a hard time seeing at lamp light.  And I have an ott light real close to me.  

Anyway, above are the few flowers I have made since the last time I posted flowers.

When I cut the hexies for the flowers, I do not cut one at a time.  I usually fold the fabric in such a way as to cut 4 to 6...using rotary cutter and rulers.  That leaves little bits of fabric.  Below I have sewn some of them together with no thought as to color.  

Of course, I added to them once I had a hexie pieced.

Notice that they are laying on a ruler...that will give you an idea of the size.

I am not sure what I will do with these, but it is fun to piece them together.  But so time consuming.

I also  pieced some random bits together.  More will be added to all of the above.  

I know this isn't much of a post but it will have to do for now...I hope everyone has a good week ahead.