Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Making progress....

The above is a quick snap, I think from I74 on the way home...directly out my side window.  I have 'sharpened' the image and tried to improve the contrast.  Still, not such a great photo but just had to show that quilt block.  I just love the way it looks on that old barn.
I am not sure where the time has gone...I got so far along in the quilting of my little log cabin quilt, got detoured and found it hard to start quilting again.  I did a little bit yesterday or the day before...but could not settle to it.  But this evening I settled down and finished the I have to get the binding on.  And it will be ready for show and tell and to send west to my daughter.  I sure hope she likes it.  And I think she will...if she don't actually like it she will like that I thought of her.
It was overcast and cloudy all day long here....and noticed the street damp but did not see it actually rain at any time.  Was raining a little bit last night after dark.  I am still not complaining cause we still need the rain to make up for the lack of it this summer.

I leave with this little video...this cat is so much like our Bubbie.  Be sure and have your sound on till you can hear him.