Friday, July 29, 2011

No, this is not Pettycoat Junction....

We saw this crop duster just a couple or three weeks ago but I didn't have a chance to get a good did remind me of Petty Coat Junction, the TV show. Does anyone else remember it? The youngest of the three girls, Betty Jo, marries this Steve, and if I remember correctly, he flew a crop duster. If he didn't, why does it pop into my mind every time I see a crop duster?
I posted a couple of good pics over on Time Stand Still, but saved these for here. He was dusting a field and on one end of the field would turn around right over us...or practically over us. Well, we were turning around to leave, and here he came again...
this time he did a pass each way on the field right next to us. I felt sure he was doing it just for me. He was low enough to see me, have no doubt of that. (No, I could not see through his windows because of the glare of the sun!) I wish I could thank him/her for the pass.
I feel like I wasted my opportunity because not a single one of those photos are as good as it should have been! I wish I could thank him/her for at least giving me the chance to try. It was a really nice highlight for the day.

If you haven't seen it done, it is hard to imagine how low they is as close as it looks in these photos! Talk about taking nerve and would really have to keep your mind on your job!