Saturday, December 27, 2008

How about a goose?

Monday, the day before Bubbie came home hurt, we had went for a short drive. I don't care much about shopping or going places where there are people, but sometimes I just have to get out to see and observe nature a little bit.
So we headed to the strip pits--the one pictured here is so close to the Indiana-Illinois border I am not sure which side it is on. But I absolutely love to go out there and drive the roads. This day was no exception.
Geese were every where. And when you enlarge the one above, notice the white geese. A couple of them have bands on their neck I didn't know they banded the the original size you can make out the number of one of them. I think it is 68C...if I remember correctly.
It was soooo cold that day...I do not see how they take the cold. I know they are made to withstand the cold, but I do wonder if they feel it at all.So we left there and headed on west...just a short distance. There is a farm that has cows and horses and I always feel from the horses and cows reactions that they are someone's pets like ours were. The horse especially raise up and look if I stop, just to make sure I am not bringing them a treat. And one day one of the cows started mooing softly...just so much like home.
Anyway, I heard this noise and looked and it was all these could actually hear their wings and they were a good distance away! Kind of like when you hear a storm moving in..
These are not great pictures, but it does show just a little inkling of what we seen. I would love to know how many there were. There were hundreds and hundreds in flight I felt like, and about as many on the water.

The strip pit(s) is really long...I don't know if it is two strip pits or if the road is built over it I am about positive the north half is at least a mile long, and the south half is almost as long. And at the far ends on each side, the water was almost solid with them. I do not know how to describe how it makes me feel to see so is always thrilling for one thing.

And I don't ever really want to leave, I just know I have to. I do not know who owns the land, but I would dearly love to have permission to walk the land and walk the edges of the strip pits. At all times of year.

Out there are all these Northern Harrier Hawks...I have yet to get a good picture of them. I want one so bad of one hovering...I consider them the helicopter of hawks. They have the ability to hover over one little spot and it is fascinating to watch. Maybe one of these days I will get one.

As for Bubbie, have not heard a word today...Rachel wants me to ask if we can go visit him...and I really would like to. I just don't know if they will allow it...and it might get his hopes up. I am wondering though if it took him so long to get back to normal after the other, how is this time going to effect him