Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another little thing...

When I was down by the railroad, I noticed this bagworm...seems no matter how I work with it, it is still drab.  But I am posting it anyway.  I think I always noticed things like this from childhood on.  How I would have loved to have had a digital camera when I was a kid. 

It has been overcast and wet here this entire day.  It was raining when I first got up...but felt like it could break loose any time.  and actually did rain some more.  Just a fine misting rain.  But guess what?  Most of the snow is gone.  I think all that is left is from where it was piled when shoveled. 

I think my cats must have spring fever!  They are into one thing and then another.  Just constantly picking at each other or getting into something that is mine.  Or into places they have no business being.  Worse than spoiled rotten kids.  This is Mama Cat and Puss Puss.

And Bubbie spent the night out.  I do not know what he thinks he is doing, but you can just see the mischievousness in his eyes.  If any cat's eyes can talk, his does.  He is either picking at Roger or at me half the time at least, and mostly picks at Roger.

He goes over and wants to sit with Roger, gets up there and sits about 5 minutes...insisting that Roger rub his chin.  Then gets up, runs to the door and looks back at Roger as if to say, WELL?  are you going to let me out or not. 

When he comes in, and he will usually be wanting back in within ten minutes...he always comes in and stops right ahead of us and doesn't move until we reach down and pet him.  Such a good life!