Friday, May 16, 2014

Another rainy day

Little project I am currently working on in the dining room.,,those square are 3 inches finished size.
Got up to sunshine this  morn, but it quickly clouded up and rained a little.  And has sprinkled/drizzled, rained, hailed, and almost everything except snow at one time or another.

I sewed a little bit on the project above....and started the hand sewing of the binding on the quilt.  Feels good to have it started.  I got all the mitered corners done...I always do them first.  And also finished one side.  The rest should go quickly.

Tomorrow is The Preakness...if nothing happens I will be watching it!  Otherwise I have it set to record.  I love all the pre-race stories about the horses, owners, and trainers.  How about you--are you interested at all?