Sunday, January 10, 2016

Photo overload....

When we took our detour on Friday, we went to the tailwaters of the look for an eagle.  We didn't see one...Roger asked which way did I want to proceed to Mansfield.  The backway of course.  I was hoping to see an eagle, but didn't hold much hope on that dreary day.
We didn't go too far till 'there's one!'  He flew through the few trees and lit...and I was out of car too quick to talk about.
He was a good distance away....these are cropped.  I know not the greatest, still I was pleased with them for the day it was and the distance he was.
Such a big boy...I don't know why, if I see a juvenile, I always call it a boy.
As we were leaving Roger wandered where the parents were.  I think we have only seen a juvenile once or twice without a parent somewhere near.  So we kept watching...
We were getting down close to Bridgeton and there this one came...honestly I couldn't tell if it was an adult or juvenile through my camera...
It is at least getting the white head...but through Roger's spotting scope we could tell that it is still a juvenile...I think a 4 year old.

Just for fun, here's a little video.