Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clouds coming in....

These were taken the day after the pictures in the post below...what a difference!
I was messing around in here and happened to go look our the front door and seen the clouds coming in...I told Roger I have to go.
So grabbed my camera bag and headed out...trying to think where to go to get a good view before they were gone. Lots of times clouds like this come and go in short order. I would have preferred to go to the strip pits but was afraid they would be gone before I could get there.
So I headed north out of town to this one road...doesn't have a very interesting foreground but had a great view of the clouds.

The wind was howling like a banshee the time I was there, and I declare, if you were off balance, it could almost knock you over. Notice I say 'almost' hit with such a force that it was sort of surprising and made me feel like it could knock me over. I doubt that it really could have.

Today is another windy day, and though it is late I am going to hang out sheets here in a few minutes and hope the wind doesn't blow them away. One thing for sure, they will be dry in short order.

I have a pair of Roger's jeans to patch and have the baby quilt pin basted and need to quilt on thought I best get something posted before I got involved in anything else.

I do hope you will click and enlarge some of these to get the full effect.