Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Letting go?

In switching bedrooms, I came across a box of cuttings such as this.  I didn't take this picture then.  Just happened to find this in the archives.  These are all leaves, etc that my mom sat and cut.  But in that box are all kinds of cardboard templates she has made.   I am not sure what I did with the box, but will try to take more pictures at some time or other.

Back then there was not near all the magazines, etc available about quilting.  I was probably in my late 20's at least and possibly 30's before there was many.  So, when mom wanted a pattern, she came up with it herself.  There was no magazine, no quilt shop to go to.  Back then it was such a big deal to us if one of the women's magazine featured a quilt.

Anyway, we got the other bedroom back together yesterday, and I was thinking when I come across the box of bits and pieces of patterns, that I will just give them a pitch.  No one else will want them, and I don't get them out once a year even.  But looking at this pic, I am not sure I can let them go.  Quilting was mom's one hobby.  She really loved to quilt, and would talk about how good a quilt would feel on a cold winter night.  She made some thinking how pretty they would be, but I think she enjoyed making quilts and thinking how they would keep her family warm.

So, now I don't know if I can let go of them or not.