Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look at these baby blues...

Look at that face! That is a monkey she is holding..if you squeeze its belly, it screams like a monkey. Lorelei always reaches for it and gives it a good hugging.
She played and played with it, and could not get it situated on her truck the way she wanted it...but she didn't want any help from us.
If you don't enlarge any of these but one, enlarge this one and take a look at those blue eyes! Aren't they gorgeous?
We were at Sarah's till late yesterday evening...I didn't do any blogging except to check in with Betsy and George to see where he took her for Valentine's day.

I wanted to quilt on my quilt just a little bit before I started watching the Olympics. There was quite a bit of figure skating, so my eyes were on it. Though I must say, I don't have a favorite skater and I miss that feeling of really cheering for someone. Though in all honesty, I really hate to see any of them not win.

I am trying to get these ready to post....going to help Roger replace the exhaust fan in the bathroom. It shouldn't take long once we start. At least I hope not.