Monday, January 27, 2020

Just a few bits...

I finally gave in last night sometime about 11:00 p.m. and got the got out this puzzle and set up to start it...

It is so hard for me to do anything other than work on it.  I have to just get up and allow myself to find a few pices...3-4-5, and then go on and do what needs to be done.    And I may pass by it again a bit later and do the same thing.  But it takes every bit of will power I have to not just stop everything and work on it.  LOL

Daughter came from St. Louis Saturday for us to sew.  I won't show what we worked on till it is done.    But, she had been to one of her local quilt shops that was having a sale...and she brought me these:

First three more oranges for my leaves...and I LOVE them all.

I am showing two photos of the dark version of this print till you can see all the animals....

She also got some in the other color

I am not sure what I will do with them.  But they feel like such good fabric...

At long last the guys came at the end of last week and did the last of the repairs from the hail damage of May of last year.  We have a deductible of course....I don't think one can get insurance that doesn't have a deductible.  So we owe...we have not received the bill yet.  I am so tempted to give them the run-around like they have done us.   I have come up with a dozen ways to put off paying them, but I just want to be done with them.

I don't know if I told about when they came to do the guttering on our garage, they guy they sent told me he didn't know why they wanted it replaced.  That he could not see anything wrong with it.  Did I want him to go ahead and do it.  And he tried to make me feel it would hurt the garage structurally.  I told him to do it.

Now, do you think he would have given the insurance company back their money if I had told them to leave it the way it was?  I don't think so...they would have pocketed it too quick to talk about and went on their merry way.

So, the other day they had two pieces of siding to replace.  I told Roger I wanted to be here, but being that they never have come early I ran Roger to McDonalds, and we hurried.  We came home and they were here.  A guy I had never met...he came and said he was here from 'the company' and said he was here to replace the piece of siding.  I said, no there are two.  He said he only saw I had to take him and show him.  It was a hole in the siding almost 2 inches in diameter!  If I had not been here, there would still be that one that was not done.  One of the pieces really looks lighter than the others...but don't know if it was the way the light hit it and the other one was maybe dirtier.

Anyway,  when the guys had did the guttering on the garage, they had put a new piece on the end of the old one-car garage.  When the guy got up on top to clear the gutters...he noticed that one of the downspouts was not connected.  They had just stuck it against the bottom of the gutter and you would not notice.  So, these guys were to fix that, too.  He tried to convince me that it only needed the one downspout...but I made him fix it anyway.

This was a nightmare from start to finish.  Even if that piece of siding is off color, I am almost beyond dealing with this outfit any more.  I am telling our insurance how things have been from the start.

That is it from my little corner of the does feel good that I don't have that weight hanging over me any more.  I hope you all are having a nice week.