Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another fall day...

Another fall day here in our corner of the world...it has actually been on the cool side all day long. It was overcast most of the day and even got a sprinkle of rain this evening. I stayed inside...I think I was outside just a couple of times.

Other than that and a friend stopping by, I have been quilting on my quilt. Not one single fleur de lis is quilted perfectly...but I am hoping once it is washed the mistakes will not be so noticeable...and really, they don't glare at you now unless you look for them. I have half of them quilted, but then there are 8 blocks that have only 3, and those 8 blocks have one side that I have to design something to fill up the space.

This quilt is made up of two different blocks...and the way I am quilting the fleur de lis...the tip of each fleur de lis fits into the block next to it. That is why only 3 will fit on the 8 blocks on the outside.

I am getting anxious to finish the quilting. I had help this evening...Bubbie came and laid on it the last one I quilted. He was testing it to make sure it meets his approval. It is usually Puss Puss that does the serous testing.

I should go down and mark some more for me to do tomorrow. I am pretty sure it takes as long to mark them as it doees to quilt them.

So, is anyone going to try the Dynamic views with blogger. I tried viewing my blogs with them, and the one thing I noticed was I did not like the comment form...it was the embedded form. But maybe if we actually used one of them, that coudl be changed. There was so much about it that I had questions about I am waiting to see someone else use it. But to be truthful, I was not crazy about any of the views.

And does anyone else ever have times where they follow someone, but they don't get the new posts? I have that happen every now and then with first one person and then another. Then the other morning, I signed in and none of the blogs I followed were there! Talk about having my heart sink for just a few seconds....but I hit the refresh button and they showed up. Thank God for that simple fix.