Friday, March 7, 2008

Just a few more scenes from the snow...these were taken Wednesday. So far no more snow for us, though I think it is hitting south of us. I am not complaining! Although it is very tempting to head south for a drive.

When I was a kid, and we got some of the deeper snows, one of my favorite things to do was to take bites of snow off everything. Be it a fence post, or the branch of an evergreen tree. When the snow was heavy laden on the branches, it was too much to resist. It would make me so thirsty--more so than working in the hot sun most days.

Or joy of joys, if we were allowed to make snow cream. We would get a mixing bowl or pan of snow, add evaporated milk, sugar, and vanilla flavoring, then mix well with a spoon....and emmm-mmm good! In our mind, it was the next best thing to ice cream.

More of the white fluff is supposed to be headed our way, but according to the meteorologist, we aren't supposed to get very much in our neck of the woods. The worst of it is supposed to hit to the south of us. I was outside to feed Mama Squirrel and the wind definitely has the feel of snow to it and nothing would surprise me.
This is three views of one barn, taken back in December. I wanted to post something. at least. I got busy yesterday and finished machine quilting the baby quilt and got the binding folded in half and pressed. The binding is approximately 300 inches long by 2 3/8 inches has to be folded in half to make it 1 3/16 inches wide. If I sit and finger press it first while I watch tv or something, it then does not take long at all to press with the iron. I am sort of waiting on a friend to call, but while I am waiting I will go down and sew the binding on the first time by machine.