Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where has the time gone...

The above photo was taken two years ago on this day....and the one below was taken a month ago today. It is hard to believe she has changed so much.
But she still has that big, beautiful smile.
Lorelei has another cold...this is the third one in about as many months. Her temperature went up to 103ºF yesterday sometime and was still up this morning so Sarah took her to the doctor. Keep in mind she has had her mommy up down the past two or three nights till she has not gotten much sleep. They pulled into the parking lot and Lorelei said, "Mommy, I tired." Sarah said, 'So you're tired?' And Lorelei said, "yes, I don't want to see the doctor."

So, Sarah said well, can we go in and tell him we are not going to see him...Lorelei says "Oh, okay." So he seen her and went ahead and give her an antibiotic since she still had the temperature this morn.

Then this evening, well before dark, she wanted her mommy to come tickle her back...she likes that as she goes to sleep. So, Sarah asks "You want your back don't want to eat a salad with me?" No, she wanted her back tickled. She went and told her dad good-night, and went and got in her bed. Sarah turned the light off and tickled her back about ten seconds and she told Sarah that was enough...

It isn't even dark wasn't dark by the time Sarah called me, even. I am hoping they both get a good night's sleep.
I have been sewing off and on all afternoon and evening. I am doing some of the quilting on my oldest daughter quilt. So far, so good. I tried to stop and take breaks but it is hard to when things are going okay. I did diagonal quilting...all the diagonal quilting I had planned, but not so sure about it now. Almost thinking it might need more. Though she don't want it quilted real close.

I am thinking about putting the binding on next till I can trim the edges off and remove some of the bulk. There isn't a lot to cut off, but every little bit will help. And I love doing the binding anyway. It is already made, so wouldn't take too terrible long to get it done. I could do the first round of sewing in an hour or two...the part where I sew it on with the sewing machine. The part where I flip it to the back and sew it down by hand will take several hours.

It feels so wonderful to be doing something a little bit creative...I need to make the effort do do something every day.