Friday, May 8, 2015

Another mural...

This is another mural in Brazil, Indiana.  I was snapping while sitting at a red light...through the window.

1.  The funny for today is from Lorelei.  The other night she had had her bath, and was ready for bed.  Her mom told her to come and get her hair brushed.  She wanted to just go to bed.  Her mom reminded her how tangled it would be in the morning.  I can't recall the exact sequence, but it was about she was tired, and her mom told her she was tired, too.  Lorelei's reply was "But you just pass out money all day...I go to school all day and learn math and learn to read!"

2.  Deb told me about this song because of a post I did the other day.  I loved it from the first notes, then the words.  They will strike home for any one that has been involved with farming and loves it.

3.  Is it too soon to complain about the heat?  Just wondering.

4.  I am embarrassed to say I have not planted a single tomato plant nor new flower.  Hoping that changes next week.

5.  I just read East Wind, A True Story by Jacqueline Richards, Lessil Richards.  I really enjoyed it and wished it were longer.

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