Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just a little post...

We have been going the same route to visit Lorelei for several years now...and I had not really noticed these two barns.
They do sit back off the road.  To be honest, I think maybe they were not very visible.  When I noticed them a few weeks ago, there was a bulldozer there where they had been clearing out brush, bushes, etc.
I decided to make a run to Walmart today to pick up some graduation cards and another small gift.  Then thought of half a dozen other things.   I can never go out there without finding more than I original went to get.  The only time is if I am in a hurry and Roger is waiting in the car.

I have not been doing a lot on Rachel's quilt...I finished 12 more  of the squares, and I cut out enough jewel pieces to make 12 more this evening.  Hopefully I can get them made in the next few days.

I also have been trying to decide what to make for a baby quilt...I have a few months for it, but would love to get it made and ready.   Or at the least, know what I am going to make.  I am definitely keeping it simple.