Saturday, April 21, 2012

Had my Lorelei fix

 From a couple weeks ago
We went to see the kids today...cannot believe how long it had been.  We knew Lorelei's friend, Emily, would be there when we got there....and Lorelei is crazy about her friends and her cousins.  So, I told myself not to expect too much of a greeting.  I didn't need to worry...when we stepped inside, she was in the sunroom playing.

She looked up and saw that it was us and she yelled Marmaw! and jumped up from the floor and came running to us.  She hugged us and immediately wanted us to come play with her in the sunroom....which we did.  She played with us and with Emily. 

I learned few things from her....for one thing, she is going to have girl babies....according to her because, 'they're so cute, Mamaw!'  Yet she was talking to her little cousin that is just a few months old and she told us/him that he was so handsome.  This from a 3-yr. old...but she so loves him.  When he is napping and she hears him wake up, her eyes just light up.

She is learning to write her abc's and recognizes most of them...her imagination takes flight before we get all the way through 'writing' them.  Actually, her mom has these dry erase things...not sure what they are called.  But it has the letters printed, then it has where Lorelei follows dashed lines to make the letter. 

I am forgetting things she done today...but one her mom told me about the other day makes me smile every time I think of it.  They were out in their back yard the other day.  Lorelei tripped and fell over tree roots...she looked at her mom, got up, patted the tree and said , Sorry, Mrs. Tree!' and went on about her business.


Well, that is it from our house.  I am so tired I cannot think straight.