Friday, June 12, 2020

Just a bit of this and that...

These are fabric scraps my daughter gave me...and some are so pretty, I want to wait and find something special to use them in.  They are from a line of Tula Pink fabrics.  There are some really fun fabrics if you care to scroll down through the link and look.

I don't know how many of you use Instagram.  I joined mainly because a friend of mine completely stopped blogging and she told me two or three times I should join.  And I did, and I really enjoy it.  But I got away from it for a while and not real sure why.  I had not even been 'looking' hardly at all.  It is easy, cause for the most part people just click the heart symbol that they like a pic and go on.

However, I have not developed any 'friendships' like I have with blogging.  But I have started posting a pic here and there again, and last night I was thinking I had not seen any photos from a couple guys.  One a long time blogging friend, but not someone I emailed back and forth with.  Then the other was someone I found on Instagram.  And I LOVED his photos...I thought I haven't seen a single pic of his in ages and ages..and the thing was I could not remember his instagram name....and could only remember his first 'real' name.

So started going through my list of followers and there he was...I clicked PrairieEyes and took me to his page and it said

In Memory Of....oh, I cannot tell you how hard that hit.  And I did not really know him at all.  So, googled his name....

He had died doing what he loved...photographing rural Saskatchewan and Montana...maybe other rural areas...I am not sure just where all he photographed. He posted pictures of old barns, houses, churches, grain elevators, etc....I don't know if he ever posted a picture that I didn't like, and most of them I truly loved.  There was just something about them  He had stepped on a loose planks and fell in a well...and he was not found till the next day when a rescue mission found his vehicle...and found him.

So that led me to thinking of EG Camera Girl...I will always miss her...and there are two or three others that just stopped posting and I always wonder what happened.

I know this is not a bright and cheerful post...but just had to talk about it a bit.

I hope you all are going to have a great weekend...