Thursday, March 4, 2021


 These are diaries from my husband's great grandmother.  There were more in the possession of his grandmother but we do not know what happened to them.    I would give anything to have them.  It is just little bits from her day to day life.

I don't know if you can tell what it says there in the upper left-hand corner, but it says 21 below.  There were several days in a row where it was anywhere from -18°F to -21°...they lived in Wisconsin.  Not Indiana.


I made 3 more of the Economy blocks yesterday...

Again, nothing planned.  Just finding scraps that were big enough.

I am finding it hard to stop making them.  But I really do not want to make a full sized quilt with blocks that finish 4 inches across.   My original thoughts were to maybe make a small quilt 3 blocks across and 4 blocks long.  It is apparent that it is going to be at least 4 blocks across and 4 long...maybe longer.
I need to get in there and clean the room up.  Lorelei is coming this weekend.  The other morn she texted and said she was coming over this weekend.  She proceeded to tell me she had got another hoodie and wanted the band cut off...was that bad.  I told her no...that was fine.

But I have stuff everywhere, cause along with making these little blocks, I have been cutting 2 1/2 inch blocks from scraps that are big enough for a future project.  So it feels like a tornado has been through.  So guess I will go get busy on that.