Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bubbie in a basket

A little bit of history first. Lorelei's cat, Diesel, is always stealing Otto's Lorelei's mom got this big basket and put a cushion or blanket or something in for Diesel to sleep in. Did Diesel appreciate the effort...not at all. But he will sometimes sleep in a box that is laying on its side...but for the most part he still prefers Otto's bed.

So, Sarah gave me the basket...I put an old pillow in it and Bubbie and Puss Puss both love it....
Above is Sleeping Beauty sleeping Bubbie....
ahhhh, stretccchhhhhh.....that feels good....
Then he gives me this look....what the heck are you staring at?

What an end to the day

We took off on a rambling drive today looking for a barn a friend told us luck with it but did find several other beauties. They were not the highlight of our day though.

On our way home we decided to check out Wabashiki FWA in Vigo County...actually right on the edge of West Terre Haute. I have never seen so many blue herons and egrets in one place...all with no way to get close enough to get a decent photo. I encourage you to click on the above just to see all the herons...but don't expect the quality of the photo itself to improve.

The photo above does not even begin to tell the whole story...this is right off a busy highway. before we got to the spot to pull off, there were small ponds of water on either side of the highway and the birds were standing almost shoulder to shoulder. On one side was more herons and on the other were more egrets. And no place at all to pull off to take a photograph. And back just a bit from these ponds of water....which actually could be backwaters from the Wabash River...but just a few hundred feet were some trees. In those we saw two juvenile bald eagles...we could tell by looking through Roger's spotter scope and my lens.

We drove around to find another entrance, and we did but seen a kid there who was from Texas but going to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. We talked to him he thought there was something wrong with the place...he took us and showed us. No herons or birds of any kind, and the stench was almost unbearable. The pond of water was definitely more than mudhole, but still not great big. Dead fish were all along the bank...and fish were hitting the top of the water constantly. Roger thinks they were dying from lack of oxygen.

Oh, well, what an end to the day....I could not get that smell out of my head till I came home and took a shower.