Sunday, July 18, 2010

Somebody likes techno

Sarah sent this little video of the Toot...your sound needs to be turned way up to hear the techno music in the background. I thought seeing this might make you smile:-)
We had Lorelei Thursday because Sarah had an appointment, then we had her Friday while Sarah and Jeremy looked at houses in Indianapolis...15 houses if you want to know. That makes me tired just thinking about it.

We had Lorelei from sometime around 11:00--give or take a few minutes--till around 7:00 and that little girl did not stop the entire time. She might set a few minutes playing with something, but she would be doing something. Then she would think of Bubbie and run to the bed to see him. It is so cute to see her think of him and run flying in there.

I would put her on the bed and she would pet him a time or two then sit there and play with things we had sitting there. And she always has to turn the bedside lamp off and on before we leave.....we just don't leave the room without her doing that.

I have a couple different step stools in my step stool just that--a step stool. And Lorelei loves to stand on it beside me and look on the counter to see what she can see. The other step stool is one of can sit on it or raise the seat and use it as a step stool. And when Lorelei is here, I take the seat part off. She usually likes to sit in front of the door and watch her papaw do things outside. Just completely content to do that if he is out there doing something.

But Friday, she scooted it over to the fridge, climbed up and stood on the top step to reach magnets on the fridge! And she did not want to sit down like a big girl; I had to physically get her down and move the stool.

Her little mind is done trying to figure things out...when she is able to use tools, it will be watch out world. I have a feeling she will want to take things apart to figure how they work...she will stand for minutes at a time trying to figure the relation between the doorknob and the latch part. We have a little cheap plastic wagon for her and she turns it upside down to check how the wheels work...
We are starting to have regular tomatoes, but some are also practically cooking on the vine with the heat we have had. I would love to know if a shade cloth would help that....I sliced two today and even Roger could tell that the one did not taste quite right. It was inedible for both of us.
I am not sure how much blogging I will be doing for the next little bit...I hope to get back on some sort of schedule, but not sure when it will be. We are going with Sarah and Jeremy tomorrow to look at a couple more houses, and I think Sarah wants us to see one that she liked the other day.

Maybe I will get caught up with everyone in the next day or two....