Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife area

We went to Willow Slough just to see what it was like...we didn't really read anything about it. I have since found out that it is 9,956 acres of land which includes 1,800 acres of water.
I think I told earlier that the guys from the DNR that worked there said most of the water was about knee deep.
I am not sure how many duck hunters were on the water...I think we could see about 4 floating duck blinds. I have to admit that I didn't realize what they were at first. The first one I noticed honestly looked about like a beaver's house.
Then I saw the big ones and realized what they were. Why I didn't take a picture of one of them is more than I know.
Camping is allowed there, and there was lots of places to just fish from the bank. But I have a feeling the entire place is covered with moss in the warmer months. Hunting is allowed for most things if I remember correctly; you do have to sign in. One area is reserved for dog training. And there is a shooting range which is run on a first come first served basis.

I am anxious to go back there in the spring...cannot imagine all the bugs and stuff we would see. But I had fun Saturday...I kind of like seeing the place bare.

Silken beauty

I'm sorry folks, but I could not resist posting these of the milkweed. These are fresh--from this year's crop.
They were taken at Willow Slough. I definitely want to go back there some time in the future.
After these I have just a few more to show from there, and none of them spectacular, but hopefully I will have time to write a little bit about the place.
Right now I am having trouble finding the time to post or visit my regular blogs.

I think I might have created a monster...the little girl from next door has always loved going down in our basement with me. I have my sewing machines set up all the time, and she always gets up to one and pretends to sew.

So the other night, I just set down with her and let her play while keeping an eye on her...I don't want her sewing her finger. She had been here quite a while, and her mom called so I sent her home. IN just a little few minutes, she was back over here saying she could stay an hour. I told her well, not an hour, cause the Colts game was coming on. Still, we were down there for a while after it started.

Besides that it is a night before school night and she needs to be home and getting settled down. Then last night here she came and she looks at me with this gleam in her eyes, and says 'You're probably going to get mad or aggravated--I forget her exact word, but she wanted to go down and sew. So soon as I finished we went down there and played.

My question is, how much do I just let her play and how much do I really try to get her to do things right? Right now, I try to teach her for a little bit, then I just let her play. And by teaching it is things like teaching her what the pressure foot is, how to put it down, and I am trying to teach her to sew a straight seam but not having a lot of luck with that. But then we have only began.

So this is part of why I have been MIA; and right now we are getting ready to go do some shopping for stuff for Thanksgiving. Plus stuff I am out of.