Friday, June 13, 2008


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Husband and I went fishing yesterday morn for a while...we came home with these bluegill plus one more that he had filleted before I got the camera. Notice one or two are really small--well, they are about as tiny as they look. But they had swallowed the hook/lure and retrieving the lure damaged the fish so they would have died anyway. And the monster second from the left is the first one my husband caught. We caught several more that we threw back because of size, plus a couple bass that were under the size limit.

My husband was using a small spinner type bait when he caught that big one, but I don't think it was a beetle spin which he caught some of the others on. I used some of these little things that we call tube worms-- I like to them use on this type of hook with a weed guard. Those 'tube worms' are hollow and fit over the hook and you push the head end up over that barb to keep it on the hook. Not sure that the one pictured is the size I use...just showing it to show my favorite thing to use.

I almost always start out with Black and Blue tube worms but they are getting hard to find. I just now noticed that Bass Pro doesn't seem to carry that color. So I don't know where I will get them...I originally got them at Walmart. They stopped carrying them, and the only place I could get them was at Bass Pro. After the blue and black, I like the chartreuse with black or two or three other colors.

If I am fishing near the bank where there is a lot of moss, or where I am apt to snag the hook one thing I really like a Johnson's silver minnow, only I usually start with it in gold, especially if the water is more muddy or murky than usual. (I am not employed by Bass Pro or anything, I just knew I could find pictures of the lures we used there.)

And I even took some nightcrawlers and a zebco type reel and fished a while that way. I did not want to come home...and I wanted to go back this evening. There is just nothing like fishing to relax me. It was so peaceful, except for this duck that was mad at us--if you could have heard it you would have thought it was a cartoon. It sounded about like Donald Duck on speed. I wondered if we were near its nest, except I figured they were done nesting. I don't really know much about ducks, and it was too far away for me to tell what kind.