Monday, May 3, 2010

Two for one....

First this little video of Lorelei right after she woke up from her nap this afternoon....have your sound up.

And then this picture:
I would love to have been able to get a photo of this old tractor without all the background clutter...but no matter where I stood to take a picture something else crept into the frame.

Sort of makes me think of my house....everybody says they have clutter, but can it be this bad. I kid you not, there was this gym bag type of bag that was given to Roger at work...not just to him but to all the supervisors or to everyone in general. What I am trying to say is it was not a special gift to him. It was of such poor design that it has sat here for at least 3 or 4 years unused. I have moved it from one spot to another numerous times. I came across it again today and that was it...I took it out, told Roger it was either going in his section of the basement, the garage or the garbage, and I didn't care which.

I really have no idea what the bag was supposed to be used was tall...with a round zippered section on the bottom...and a drawstring type of top closing. He looked at it and said put it in the garage...he plans to remove the nylon straps and any type of closures and then pitch it in the garbage.

I have a bag of purses setting to take to Good Will, some of them hardly used, but none of them less than two years old, and some much much older than that. I threw away a couple of small thermoses that I used to use for work. I quit work in the fall of 2005 and have not needed one since, so I got rid of them. (I do still have my half gallon one.) Other things found their way to the trash from that particular closet.

I also got into my 'baking section' of the has my cake pans, pie pans, flour, sugar, mixer...etc. And up until today it had two heavy wooden chopping blocks. I did use them at one time, but they are not really considered as sanitary as the plastic ones. I have been using plastic ones for years and I pitched the chopping blocks. Roger helped me carry them out to the trash can in the garage, and he started to dig out something I had thrown away...I said 'don't dare pull out something I have finally found the nerve to throw away.'

Lorelei is coming no more clearing of the clutter.