Sunday, August 16, 2015

Little pink flowers...

I have no idea what this is...I have not even taken the time to try to identify it.  I do think it pretty though.  This was taken up be low the dam shown in yesterday's post.

I have not did much at all this weekend, nothing much interesting to tell.  I was going through some old emails to delete.  Got to laughing at some of the things Lorelei had done.   Remember the time I had just given her a bath, and came in and set down with her wrapped in a towel....and she asked her Papaw to scratch her toes?  I forget what was said, but I remember her saying, "well, they're right there!"  as she was stretching her foot over to him.

And another time she had fell over into something and got sort of stuck, and cried for her mom to come get her and when Sarah lifted her out she said, "LikeHumpty Dumpty, Mommy!"

Yesterday Sarah said Lorelei told her that her teacher had threatened to move her 'clicker' down, whatever that is, if she didn't stop giggling so much at the boys.  And she said, "But mommy, they are so funny!"  I think the 'clicker' is some kind of way of encouraging the students to behave.  Her teacher this year is the same one she had last year, and Lorelei totally loves her.