Saturday, October 1, 2022

Lucky pups

 Oh, to be able to relax like this!  

And below is a couple shots, showing then and now....the day they brought them home and now.

Above is Wilber. and below is Gus.

They sure have grown.  Sarah has come up with an acronym for them...LDFL...Lap Dog For Life.   


I finally chose a fabric for the sashing strips for my crumb blocks.  For those of you that don't know, the sashing strip is the strip of fabric that sewn between the blocks to separate them.  Sometimes you use them, but you don't have to.   I chose this fabric simply because I did not have to worry about having enough of it.  I have probably done cut two yards of it.  The sashing pieces are 1 3/4 inches by 6 1/2 inches.  And that is not enough to finish the quilt.  I have been sewing some to the sides of the blocks but have not take a photo.  

Roger is not fully back to  himself, but he is still better than he was there for so long.  This may be a new normal for him.  He has no interest in even going out to eat and that was always a fun thing for him.  He has had a headache this evening and that always scares me.  But his blood pressure was fine.
The other day I went through my books and selected a bunch more to donate to Good Will.  I had a few by Pearl S. Buck, and Harold Bell Wright, and John Fox, Jr.  I doubt anyone here has heard of the last two.  I keep trying t get rid of things.  I wish I had the nerve to do a yard sale, but once I decide to get rid of things, I want them gone.

A video I came across...I think you will like it.