Thursday, July 25, 2013

She's happy!

She was thrilled to get her card!

And she's coming again tomorrow.  I told Roger we would be busy this time tomorrow night...well, hopefully, we will be winding down.  I keep watching the weather and now rain is in the forecast for tomorrow evening and for Saturday.

She told me before she left Tuesday that she might stay 4 days or 3 days...but she told her mom that she might stay two 5 days.

You have to understand that the 5 days represents the fingers on one hand.  When she came last weekend, she designated a finger for a day and each day had activities planned.  the first day was designated as the day she gets here, the next finger was for going to the park, and the next was CREEK day....and she said it just light could tell it was a big deal...and the 4th finger was 'staying home and shooting bad guys with Papaw!'  (An Xbox game...she wants Papaw to play, and me to be in here doing something, and she just messes around and plays with her toys.)  Again, a lot of excitement in her voice for just staying home.  And the fifth day was for going home.

It rained so much we did not go to the park or the daylily gardens...I think we will go to the gardens even if it is wet and messy this time...

 I captured this on the way home Tuesday...between here and Terre Haute.  And I saw two others but there was no place to pull off the road, plus they were too far off.