Sunday, December 4, 2011

Country critters....

Remember I went to the strip pits the other evening and saw 10-12 deer? Well, the next evening, Roger and I were coming home from the super Walmart in Paris, and decided to swing through there. It was really getting late...just almost dark. We saw a couple of the owls right away...both not even close to being within distance for the camera. We eased on along, not seeing anything for a bit...then we started seeing deer.

By the time we had passed all the way through, I am sure we saw probably 25 deer, at least. The last place we saw them was just as we left the place. I could determine some were bucks, but couldn't determine the size of their racks due to it being so late and almost dark and they happened to blend in with the background so well.

I could see this fellow, though...but it was still too late for my camera to get a good capture...this was totally black till I hit the button 'auto levels' in photoshop elements. With that being said, I hope he shows on your computer.
These two country cats we saw while on a drive the other day...the black one ran across the road in front of us...he kept watching the one below.
Soon, we were stopped to photograph a barn...and in front of that barn was a pasture.
This horse was one of I don't know how many....I am not saying there was a lot...just saying all I saw at first was him and another one, but as we went on I saw at least a couple more. I think they are all much loved horses, cause they kept nickering to me...and this one started up the hill two or three times, convinced that I had something for him. How I wish I had...
I spent over three hours in the basement yesterday...doing laundry while I messed with my sewing. I did some more cutting and much fun. It makes things feel back to normal for me. I want to go down in a bit and see what else I can do....

I have been cleaning off a desk...does anyone else have clutter control problems? I sure do. Seems like I have so much stuff I want to keep, or maybe just afraid I will need it.

Then there is the problem of books...even though I have went through my books till I just have just kept my very favorites, I still have plenty. I keep debating on whether I want to buy new books for my kindle or buy kindle editions of my favorites...I did buy the kindle edition of Giants in the Earth by Rolvaag. When Roger and I got married, he had an old copy of it...I finally got around to reading it and it is one of my favorite books of all time. I read it every few years.

I look at it as I can buy stuff I am not sure I will like, or I can buy old favorites that I know I will enjoy reading again.