Monday, November 29, 2021


 I have been playing a little bit...

These stars have a crumb center...

I am not sure that I will ever do any more...just wanted to make them because of a video I watched....I have been thinking about using my crumb blocks some way other than just as a crumb block.  I want to use them as a part of a block, rather than as a whole block.
Even though we were at the kids I did not take any pics.  But I will show you a couple of Copper that my daughter sent.  She got them new beds and this is the first night after they came.

As you can see Copper is enjoying his.

And Delta likes hers, too.  The vet is considering her a senior dog now and I do think she is slowing down.

And here is Copper all worn out...I cannot remember the reason he was so tired.  

Funny story about him.  He totally loves the brisk weather and liked the snow that we have had so far.  He did not want to come in from outside.  However, he does love for daughter to go in the basement and play.  So, to get him to come in all she has to do is say, 'Hey Copper, do you want to go in the basement and play.'
We had a great Thanksgiving.  Sarah fixed two hams that were delicious and she also had this dip...not sure what it is called, but I totally love it.  It uses Frank's red hot sauce, two cans of chicken breast, and I forget what else.  The recipe is on the Franks Hot Sause bottle...anyway, I forget what all else she made.  

The ham was delicious and would normally be the star, but I have been wanting the chicken dip for so long.  I got the stuff to make it, but Roger does not like it since the stroke and I am afraid I would not eat it all.  I think I am going to see if I can half the recipe.  From the best of my memory, I should be able to.

My other daughter made sides, plus I went over and she made about 4 or 5 different types of cookies.  I helped a tiny, tiny bit.  One that is Roger's favorite is oatmeal raisin...not that we both don't like them all.  For me it is the peanut butter.  Since the kids left home, I seldom make cookies.

I made deviled eggs and chicken and noodles...the noodles I make from scratch.  What is funny, I never had made them till my boss had me help her make them.  And then she brought me a container of chicken and noodles later.  I have made them every year since then, I think.  For the holidays...and I always have a fear of them not being good but so far, so good.  I occasionally make them other times, but not often...

I have a video to is a little long but still such a feel good story.