Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old Blue Eyes again

I spent most of the past two days down at Sarah's...she had a yard sale today to get rid of some stuff till they wouldn't have to move it to Indianapolis. I managed to snap a couple pictures of Miss Busy just have to click on them to get the full effect of those blue eyes.
Actually I snapped more but these are the best is so hard to catch her still long enough to get a good photo.

I have been sitting here almost giggling to myself...thinking of the way she runs. Sarah's sister-in-law was there today and she noticed it. She puts her arms straight and sort of back a little bit and bends forward and runs...just sort of all out for her. Her head leading the way... I wish I had a video to show. It makes us all giggle.

She has two Noah's in her life, and she loves them both. She has the Noah who is the son of one of Sarah's childhood friend, but she also has a neighbor across the street named Noah. He is either a couple weeks older or younger than Lorelei. Well, neighbor Noah had been gone on vacation last week and they got home yesterday evening sometime after I left.

I would have loved to witness the reunion...Sarah was doing something outside and heard Lorelei getting excited...and she turned around and there she was at the fence, reaching through for him. I can only imagine the excitement...I was there today and Noah's dad came walking over with him....when Lorelei saw him she just started giggling. It makes everyone laugh to see and hear her.