Monday, October 6, 2008

Just a little more from the hill climb...

I just have to show this old Dodge! It was gorgeous....but then everything we saw, we thought that. I would love to have an old truck like this...not sure if I would drive it or not. I think I would though...why have it if you can't drive it. Yet I know I would about die if someone hit it with a car door, or a shopping cart!
I wish I had been thinking straight--I would have gotten the year of each car or truck. I really don't know why I didn't think of it.

I think you need to enlarge these to see the smoke rings.....
I was standing a distance away and seen one of these rings but just thought it was just a fluke...something I would probably not see again if I waited a lifetime.
We went on and seen the other cars and then eventually came back to see some of these old engines...this one used to run a whole machine shop. And it was the one the smoke rings came from. And they happened on a regular basis.
I have got to get over the thing of being embarrassed to ask people to let me take their picture...the guy that owned this got to talking to my husband and they introduced themselves to each other. And guess what? One of his childhood friends was one of my husband's cousins. I think a first cousin to his dad, or second cousin...isn't it amazing how small a world it really is. Oh, and that is not all, this guy's wife--she had been married before and her husband had passed husband also had met her first husband. Small, small world.

They said over a hundred thousand people came to this event; the little saying about Newport itself is that it has a population of 700 when you count all the dogs and cats. So imagine what an impact 100,000 people makes over 3 days. But you know, small towns are great.

The town I live in is bigger than Newport--I think its population is 5,000. But it still has that small town, good neighbor feel. Where else will the owner of the local hardware give you his cell phone number till you can reach him after he closes if you are desperate? And he wouldn't charge extra either.

Or take today...I stopped at the local IGA, forgot something and had to run back. Of course, it was a beehive of activity by then. I had to get in line behind people...well, there was a gentleman in front of me with one item, and in front of him was an elderly lady with several items. The cashier finished with the customer she had, and she was just a sweetheart. She came out around and told that lady that she would help her get her groceries out of her cart.

When she finished their transaction she asked the lady if she needed help out to her car. Just so considerate. This particular cashier is a kid...she may be out of high school...but I don't think she is. And that is just typical of the kids that work there...she is not the first I have seen just be so considerate of others.

Wow! That was not in the plans to write...I really didn't know what I was going to post. I think as I age I am getting really sentimental and seeing kids be so nice really makes me feel good!