Friday, January 9, 2009

Look who's home!

Scroll down if you happend to come for the Sky Watch post.Rachel stopped and seen Bubbie yesterday--she said he purred so loud you could hear him all over the room. Louder than he has ever purred before...which doesn't take much. Usually the only way we know he is purring is to feel his chest.Anyway, she wanted us to get him today, and being that I had most of the running done for the shower, and feeling some better, I thought we would. It feels so right to know he is here. The first thing, he went down in the basement...and stayed. He never goes down there to stay unless one of us is down there.

I first brought him up, and he went right back down. So we let him stay most of the afternoon, then went and got him and shut the door for a while and made him stay up here with us. Soon as we opened the door, back down he went. Somewhere during this time, Rachel got home--she went and got him....and I think he has been upstairs ever since. Unless he has gone back down in the past few minutes. He hasn't been wanting on the furniture, and has been laying in around and stretching out on his back as in some of his earlier pictures.

He does carry his back leg a little bit abnormally--and you can tell it is stiff. But he does get around. And he ate and he drank and he has ate some more. Even dug in the food which is one of the things he does. I am so happy that he is home.