Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Just a bit of this and that...

First a photo looking out under the wisteria!  It is loaded down with blooms this year.  And below is a close up of one of the blooms...it was windy the day I took it.  And I did take this with the phone and was so surprised that it is a half decent shot.  Usually photos with things moving with wind do not turn out good.  Specially on my phone.


Can anyone guess what I have been doing?  Or rather did one day last week?  I am not proud of myself...I should have did this long ago.  I worked on clearing out Roger's closet.  Since his stroke there were so many things he did not wear any more, a lot of things that did not fit.  Some things he just did not like.  I did keep a lot of it, but packed it away.  Just in case. How many times do we keep stuff just in case but never need it.  But I have two huge bags of stuff to take to Good Will, too.

 Anyway, he still has what he wears all the time, and there are plenty of those things.  Picture ease and comfort.

A couple quick videos....they both make me laugh.

Now the one below is a bit longer, but I laughed and laughed.  Just watch how part of the time when they jump off something they give that extra little kick in the air.  Just the joy of being alive!