Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A day trip....

We headed north to see Willow Slough and to go on to Jasper-Pulaski.
Willow slough on the right and private property on the left...you can see the mailbox on down the way if you click to expand the view.  Jasper-Pulaski is much the same type of place.

They are both fish and wildlife areas...we did not see much at Willow Slough except Roger spotted some turkeys...and Blue Jays were simply every where...I have never seen so many.  They were calling all around, and everywhere we went they were seen flitting across the road, or away from the road.

We did see several coots there..
They were mainly in this one spot...at first just slowly swimming around..
then they decided to get the heck out of Dodge!  They didn't go far, but far enough away till it was no fun to watch them any more.
Sumac was in full color there...
Over at Jasper-Pulaski the Sandhill Cranes were stopping over..
And filling their bellies...
and some were just resting as you can see if you look close in the photo below.
That is about it for our visit up there...oh, we did see a lot of these things on the way:
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