Monday, June 30, 2014

Brass bells

When I was a kid, mom had a little brass bell like the one on the left.  It is only about 3 inches tall...minus the ring on top.  I don't know what that part is called, but I don't think the one mom had was that big.  She kept it on this little red strip of torn cloth and it hung inside her closet, right inside beside the door.  She would let me play with it sometimes when I was sick.  Though I liked to look at it, it did not hold much appeal as a play thing.

I never knew were it came was an odd thing for mom to have.  Or it seems so to me.  I don't know where it ended up...probably still hanging there at home somewhere.

We were up at Patton's corner, and I spied these there...I bet they were there the other time we stopped, but there is just so much to see that it is hard to take it all in.