Friday, June 22, 2012

Yesterday's activities....

I have looked and looked and looked for a picture of Big Raccoon Creek that is taken on up the way from here....instead, all it has done is make me really late in posting. So just going to post this of the creek taken at the Bridgeton Mill.

I did make the binding for my small quilt yesterday....wish now I had made the binding for Roger's quilt but instead I got my machine cleaned and oiled, and the quilting foot on.

Then we got started talking about going fishing and headed out to Mansfield...a family was there swimming. So went to the tail waters of the dam on up the way. We fished a little bit and then someone came and got right on top of us. So, we left and went back by Mansfield to see if the family was there...they weren't but new people had come.

So we headed to the iron bridge on up the creek from Bridgeton....not sure what time it was by the time we got there, but probably 5:30 or 6:00. My first cast a nice small-mouthed bass hit, and I caught two or three more, each one smaller than the last...then I caught a creek chub...I absolutely cannot stand to handle those things. I am embarrassed to admit this, but had Roger get it off the hook. And I would have if he hadn't been there and always have in the past. I will do any other fish and not mind, but those things are just creepy to me.

Anyway, we waded and fished. We have spent so many hours in that creek when the kids were young. We would fish and they would play and catch anything that moved. We could almost hear them last night, their memory lingers there. And Roger was recalling them having a water snake cornered...I don't know if he made them leave it alone or if he let them go on...but either one of the girls would have caught it and not thought much about it. Although, they are sort of aggressive, so not sure if it was very big if they would have.

It has been a long time since I waded and fished...for a while it made me dizzy to look at the flowing water...then discovered if I put my bifocals on top of my head that it didn't bother me. But I have to have them with me to change lures.

Anyway, it was 9:00 when we got back to the least a half hour to get home, then had to warm up supper. And both of us were so tired we just didn't want to move.
We did get just a sprinkle of it didn't even get the sidewalks good and wet.