Thursday, April 15, 2021


 This is rest.  Daughter has sent me pics like this before and I did not think to post them.  He is a character.  

I am still working on my quilt I showed you last time..just a couple blocks a day.   Rather than bore you with it, I  thought I would show you one my daughter is working on:

I think this is going to be just beautiful. 

Then last night I got this photo and caption from Lorelei's mom:

Potting is such sweet sorrow.

I thought of you, Sandra.  I was going to mail it to you, then thought I would share it on my blog.

April has returned to cooler weather here in our part of the world.  It is after 11:00 and only 48° F here.  Actually quite chilly.  I was so happy to be wearing flip-flops again, but I think I might have to put on shoes today.

Our yard has been mown for the first time...I have been weeding some but have a lot more to do.  Maybe I will get to do more later today, but I have got to make a walmart run for catfood, etc.   I am having trouble finding the canned cat food I use for the cats.    So I may end up stopping two or three places.  Roger wants to go, so will look around a bit and give him time to look.

Just a really short little video today....something that will give you joy: