Monday, August 13, 2007

Will things ever get back to normal? I hope so after today. The living room awaits its new blanket of carpet while my dining room sits crammed full to the brim of living room furniture. It is worth the effort, but I am oh, so weary. I hated to see my husband have to go back to work after this weekend. He is still not back to normal from the surgery and was so tired yesterday evening.

I also have enough tomatoes to do another run of salsa, and that after making 4 quarts and 1 pint more on Saturday. I did not look at the garden yesterday...I am afraid of how many more I might find. But I am not complaining! I have made 20 quarts plus the pint so far, and could use all that myself...but will be sharing with my daughters so that is not much to pass around.

It is about 11:15 as I write this. My house is somewhat back to normal. I still have books to get on the shelves, which will be a fairly big job. I am just so thankful to have this done. Makes our house look like a home again.

I am in a teary mood--homesick for Tennessee and the little shack we lived in in 1978-1979...been listening to a song by THE_EVERYBODYFIELDS called SO_GOOD_TO_BE_HOME...had a hard time understanding all the words till I found someone that knew the lyrics. This is not the entire song and not as good as the version I have, but it is a sample of it. (Click for the Official_Everybodyfields_Site )

A friend came by to see the new floors, and as she was leaving a kitty from this house south of us came running across the street to us...I picked it up till my friend would not run over it. It is soooo skinny, and was just craving affection. She just purred so softly as I held her.....I have seen the little girl over there just kick her. I feel so bad for both--my husband asked me where I thought the little girl learned those actions...and he is right. They also have a puppy over there and I have seen her hit it across its face for absolutely nothing! And she is only maybe 4 or 5 years old at the most!

I will probably make a run to the store tomorrow and pick up some kitty food so if it comes over here again, I will have something to feed it. Then maybe I will feel a little better if I know it has something to eat...I will be needing food for my new kitty in a couple weeks anyway.