Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I hit the jackpot!

The other evening at the strip pits, I seen these milkweed bloom pods so I went over to bet pictures of the bloom. But as I was trying to take a picture of the milkweed itself, I seen movement. I got to looking and first only seen this moth.
So in taking pictures of it, I seen the other bugs. I am not sure how many different bugs were on it, but there were several. Just click and enlarge these and see what all you see.
I have not had time to look up what any of these are, so feel free to comment if you know. I am sure I have looked the ones in the middle picture up before, but for the life of me I cannot remember what they are.
It was another hot one here in the Midwest....for sure here in Indiana. The humidity makes it miserable to be outside. Though Lorelei and I did sit outside for a while right before she was to go home and she enjoyed it. I got to thinking that Roger has a fan out in the garage, so am going to have him bring it for the front porch tomorrow.

I did a load of clothes and hung them out and they were practically bone dry in less than two hours. It sort of surprised me with the humidity being so high. I still love to hang clothes on the line, even though I don't do it as much as I used to.

When we were kids, mom had a wringer washer and used it even after we got an automatic washer. Things were done in a certain way...from the washing to the hanging on the line. Not sure I can remember just exactly how things were washed...I think sheets were washed first, followed by towels and then underwear, or vice versa, then our shirts and dresses, followed last of all by the jeans which could sure get dirty with farm work.

Mom wanted sheets hung over the line of course down the middle, and towels were hung from the top...I think everyone hangs them that way....but the wash rags were hung just from one corner so as not to take up to much space. Our dresses she wanted hung from the shoulder seams, as well as the t-shirts. And jeans were hung from the waistband. And she wanted each thing hung together...shirts with shirts, dresses with dresses, etc. Not a shirt, then a dress, then another shirt.

Mom usually hung a load or two out, but would have me hang up the last loads....it just now crossed my mind that I wonder if she hung out the sheets cause she didn't want to risk me dropping one on the ground. Probably it was more that she liked to do laundry and liked to at least hang a load or two.

And we used to bring it in and a lot of it had to be ironed...we would bring a load in in our arms and either throw it on the couch or the bed, and hang what could be hung, but a lot of it we sprinkled with water and wadded it up in a ball to be ironed the next day or so. I must say that I never loved ironing then and I don't love it now. Unless it is to do with quilting...

I think now about how much less water was used with a wringer washer...there are times I wish I had a good wringer washer now. I still enjoy laundry as a rule...there is a smell I love when I walk in someone else's house and they are doing laundry. For some reason I don't notice it much when I am the one doing laundry.