Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sandhill cranes...

We went down to Goose Pond today...nothing much at all on the ponds, but we know to go east of there and look in the farming area.

They were far away, and it was a gray not the greatest photos.  Add to that the fact that I had trouble with holding steady....I was in the middle of a narrow road so didn't even attempt to get tripod out.

Still it was fun seeing and hearing them...

I love watching them come in for a landing...

So much fun to see.

We also saw:
They were way up in the sky.  We didn't know what they were...was pretty sure they were not Canada geese.
This is one I zoomed in a bit...notice in the first photo, they just look like dark birds.  But as you can see if you click on this, they are snow geese.