Thursday, August 25, 2016


I have tried to think how to give an update and give a true picture of how things stand and it is hard to do.

First, Roger was moved from the Intensive Care Unit to a regular room on Monday, August 15...he stayed in that room until Friday, the 19th of that same week.  He was then transferred to a hospital in Terre Haute to their rehab facility..

He has improved a lot in some areas, but in others not as much.  He has sat up on the side of the bed by himself.  He has stood up at the sink under his own steam.  Day before yesterday was a great day...the therapist had him up and walking.  Not a lot, but sure a lot more than he has been doing.  So much more than I even dared hope for.

But say you ask him what a plate is, or what a ball is, he could not just name it for the life of him.  But say you said "pass me the salt and _______" he just might say pepper.  He gets really down on himself.  He has trouble concentrating and following instructions.

Also, yesterday the occupational therapist did some testing of his vision.  He seems unable to see with his right eye, plus the right side of his left eye is impaired also.

Today they had him walk 100 ft.  A therapist held to each arm while he walked.  They were to help him with balance plus just to help.  But he did make...they are pleased with how he is coming along in physical therapy.

This is not much of an update but it at least gives you an idea of what is going on.  All the prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated.