Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Update on Roger...and a hornet's nest.

We saw this as we were leaving the strip pits one day...
Roger kept telling me I should get it, but it was too high in the tree.
We saw no hornets at all.
Please keep Roger/us in your prayers.  He had to wear a heart monitor for a month.  We got that sent in last week, and now have to see another cardiologist.  The one that had him wear it does the 'plumbing' part of the heart.  Well, the monitor showed something with the mechanics of the heart.  We go Friday morn to see the new doctor.  It really upset me last night, but resignation has settled in.

Physically, Roger is doing so, so good.  When we came home in September, I felt like I could not let him out of my sight.   I was supposed to always have a hand on him and use the gait belt.  He would not stand for that.  I could get him to let me hold his hand part of the time when out.

I still don't want to leave and leave him here alone.  I have gone one time to get my hair cut....and that is the only time I have left. 

But he can walk and get around ever so much more than I ever dreamed possible.  He can walk so much farther than he could even two weeks ago...much less a month ago.  A month ago a walk around our little aWalmart wore him out...if we went to a super Walmart I had to just grab what I he can walk a mile and it not bother him much.