Thursday, December 24, 2009

Northern Harrier

I ran through the strip pit area again this you see it was a drab and dreary day. Even though I did not see it rain the whole day, it had rained last night and everything is just saturated.

The Northern Harriers are back in full force....I was never very close to any of them....for more than a few seconds. But in the distance, I seen seven in one spot. I have no idea how many are out there...they are amazing. And fast! I can be watching one, and glance away just for a few seconds and look back and it will have disappeared! Even if they are high in the sky.

They tend to hunt while flying just a few feet above the ground....then they disappear into the background. Yesterday we saw one catch something...Roger thought maybe a muskrat. It snatched whatever it was and flew over a little hill, so no chance to take a photo.