Thursday, December 19, 2019

Not quite a three dog night....

Instead a Two Cat Night....

Every so often, I have a night I can't sleep.   I cannot say that this was a sleepless night...I think I dozed a little bit over an one point I had been to bed and read a long while and tried to go to sleep in there but just could not settle down...then came in here and boy did both cats come to attention when I came in and picked up the quilt.  Soon as I got it spread out, here they came.

Roger's ear was hurting this weekend, but he did not want to go to urgent care.  Then it snows Sunday/Monday and I did not want us out in that.  And when I asked how he felt, he just said he felt strange..and I did ask about his ear and that was his answer...and he has not mentioned it hurting again.  I should say that any time I asked how he feels, his standard answer is he feels strange.  I really am stupid, though...he has never mentioned an earache in all our married life.  So should have taken him whether he wanted to go or not.

But his hearing aid had been whistling so bad, he could not stand to wear it and he had lost the little  dome that goes on the tip of it.  So we went down to the hearing aid place to get it fixed this afternoon right after lunch. She looked at his ears first and said that he had an infection, and she was afraid that the dome was stuck in there.  I called our doctor and she was not in today, so he ended up going to Convenient Care.  We were down to Terre Haute before 2:00, and it was almost 4:00 before we got out of there.  It is just an infection...not that that isn't bad enough. 

I have waited since we got home to get notification that his meds are ready but have not received notice. I am to the point I am ready to go get my pjs on.  Roger always says he looks forward to when it is time to go to bed.  I look forward to taking off my shoes and putting on my pjs.