Friday, October 29, 2021

New member

 Our Lorelei has a new ...

a baby Russian Tortoise.

Little does it know what a good home it has found.  


This is finished but I have no place to hang it to get a decent photo of the whole quilt.  It has rained the past two days so I cannot hang it on the clothesline.  Maybe one day next week we will have some clear weather. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend...

Monday, October 25, 2021

Just have to share....

 The kids were gone last week...Lorelei's Rosie went with them, but Delta and Copper were boarded.  Any way, Copper and Delta were really glad to get home.

When my daughter is home, Copper can hardly stand for her to be out of his sight...unless it is when he wants to go outside.

I think he is happy to be home with her.  Notice he is laying on her arm...

And below is the one to make you smile...or laugh out loud as we did.

I think he is happy to be back in his own home...

Friday, October 22, 2021

This and that...



These are gone now...but we sure enjoyed them once they started blooming.  This does not do the color justice.

This is another rose on one of my daughter's rose bushes...we were over there this week to get in the mail and check on the kitty and it still has a lot of blooms on it.  I have never tried to raise roses, and not sure why because I do like them.  I think subconsciously I am afraid of failing at it.


I finished quilting my quilt but have to trim it and get the binding on it.  I hope I can work on that this weekend.  It was so rainy and dark and dreary it was rather easy to go to the basement to work on it.  When it is sunny out, it is hard for me to make myself go down there.  I am okay once I am down there on those is just the getting there.

Roger had his stress test yesterday, but we have not heard the results.  I think that will come in the middle of next week.  I am praying that nothing comes of it.  He had a super headache afterwards.  But he had not had any caffeine in over 14 hours.  Anyway, so glad it is over with.  


I did vacuum this day and mopped...did a load of laundry.  And not much else other than doing the quilting.  I had leftovers for supper.  I still would like to go into my sewing room and work but we always sit and watch a couple game shows and a few other things every evening/night.

I got the little funny below from somone's blog, but I don't remember who.  I thought it funny and so true of some of us.  We like growing things better than money or status.  There is just so much more satisfaction from it.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Pics of the grandpups...

 As some of you may know, we stayed at our daughters last week because she was working long hours.  So we were there till the dogs did not have to be boarded.

I did not take but 4 or 5 photos...I do not know why.  Copper was his usual cute self.

Sometimes annoying...but Delta just ignores him for the most part.  I don't think I saw her put him in his place one time...though  she does sometimes.


I am waiting on a package that is being delivered by FedEX and am wondering will it ever get here.  It was supposed to be delivered Wed, but never showed up.  Then yesterday all day it said delievery pending, till around dark, then it said it was scheduled for today.  And it still has not shown up and I don't expect it to.  I see the guys go flying by, and suspect they might actually have it, but I don't think they are capable of getting it here.  But I hope I am wrong.  I keep going and looking to see if it might possibly be on the porch, but so far, no luck at all.

When I got my first Juki several years ago, they were the first to attempt to deliver it.  I saw the kid go flying this way, then he went flying back by...Roger ran out to the road and waved both arms...but the kid did not see him.  I kept checking till it said it had been delivered.  I think I first called Fed Ex and then the place I bought it from.  

The kid came by...he had delivered it one street over.  Keep in mind that this was late afternoon when it happened.  He delivered it one street over.  And he went back to retrieve it and they said they never got it...that it must have been stolen.  To this day I think it was them that stole it.  I even talked to the police and told them someone had signed my name.  They were not interested.

The kid tried to talk me into not saying anything..said he would have to pay for it.  I told him I could not afford to take that kind of loss.  I don't know what ever happened...but the replacement machine was sent by UPS.  And first they sent me the wrong machine, but I had UPS return it to them...and they sent the right one.  (There were two versions of the had all the extra feet, etc)  And I could see why they sent the cheaper version cause I had haggled the price down to normal asking price for the cheaper version.

Anyway, we have one Fed Ex guy that is really good...but the guys I am seeing this week are not him.  So I am to the point where if I order something, I feel like asking what service they use.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Another Lorelei image....

 Just have to show this one...another beautiful image from Lorelei.  Not sure what these are...I did not think to ask her if she knew the name.


We had a lot of rain night before last...the ground is saturated.  There are a few leaves turning, but still a long way to go before there are any beauties.  I am in hopes that we don't keep getting rain that knocks them off before they turn.


Roger was scheduled for an echocardiogram and a nuclear stress test this afternoon.  Every time the phone rang from the hospital, I expected it to be cancelled.  We were about to walk out the door when they called and the stress test was cancelled because the machine was down.  I felt like a bird that had been set free.   

We went on and got the electrocardiogram...we were not told the results.  But I was even happier that the nuclear stress test was cancelled because I think it would have been too hard on Roger.  

I am so tired this night...I may actually make it to bed by midnight...

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Lorelei photos...

 We are currently dogsitting for our older daughter...Lorelei came to visit last night and she got to showing me her photos.  She reminds me of  the Madsnapper.  

Keep in mind she was just clicking with her phone...I think these first three were at night in her room.  All she had was a little light...nothing special at all.  She was supposed to photograph it and send it to me.  I will remind her later.

I really think she has an eye for photography.

I am loving these....but then, look at the one below...

There is another one of this 'whatever it is' type of bee/wasp that I am going to put on my other blog in a few well as some flowers I have not got over to my computer yet. So, do you think she is a budding photographer or what?

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Life happens....

 I did start the quilting, but have only spent time on it a couple or three times.  It is sort of slow going but it is fun.  It is not perfect by any means....not even close but I just enjoy the whole process.  

And the photo below shows my hand...the photo does not do it justice.

What happened you might ask.  Monday I decided to get the power washer out to wash the north side of the house and garage.   The north side of the house does not have much room between it and the fence, and I have hostas planted, plus the AC unit is there.  There  is just enough room and a bit more to pull the power washer through.  I did not start it before I got it situated.  I got the hose connected to it and the water turned on, and tried to pull start it.  I was standing in such an awkward position and about the second time I pulled the starter I somehow managed to jam my left hand into the fence post.  

I kept working but had to be careful with it.  I did not notice my hand swelling, till I turned the power washer off and got everything put away.  i was lucky enough to still be able to use soap to slip my wedding band off.  

I have never had the palm of my hand get is kind of purplish blue.. but fading.  None of my hand ever really got dark black/purple/blue type of bruise, but had had a gray/purplish shade to it.  LOL  It is slowly getting easier to live with.  I have not hurt it bad one single time today.  


I just have to share a pic of Kitty Soft Paws that Lorelei sent me resently.  Isn't she beautiful...and she is just as sweet as she is pretty.

I will leave you with a funny little video...the baby is cute but not all the video is also about the dog...